The principles behind the alkaline diet are simple enough. We are either alkaline or acid as measured on a PH strip. But if you have been eating an average western diet the chances are that you will figure as acid which is potentially a problem. An overly acidic diet is implicated not just in overweight, under performance but also serious conditions like diabetes and cancer.

One answer is to redress the balance by bringing more foods into the diet that are alkaline in themselves, primarily that is vegetables but not exclusively so because everything is about balance. Some meat and fish is allowable, as is a glass of young wine (older, aged wines are associated with histamine allergies).

At the clinic we see and treat increasing numbers of patients with reactions to modern foods – gluten intolerance, candida, histamine, diabetes etc. For that reason we tend to be strict about avoiding wheat flour, old cheese, yeast products as well as the more obvious concerns attached to sugar and packeted foods in general.

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