Feed the micro biome, feed yourself. The interaction of the stomach and the brain is the key to good health. Many fashionable diseases of the modern world can even be interpreted as symptoms of the one problem. If the gut works, everything else follows. If the stomach slows down or gets overloaded then the knock on effect surges through the body. Obviously you can see that as a rise in obesity but on a much deeper level, the science is linking bad digestion to many ailments from stress to parkinsons.

The acid v alkaline – which you can measure on the kind of ph strips you probably used in school – is an explanation of what is actually happening inside our bodies. As a nation – well all western overdeveloped countries – the diet is too reliant on acidifying foods, which largely means anything in a package with a label on it. To counter this effect the answer is to re-balance with the kind of alkaline foods that for many years have been out of vogue – humble roots like celeriac or parsnip, yes greens, properly ripened fruits, nuts, herbs, spices.

There is a detailed explanation here from Dr Josh Axe on the value of the micro biome.

Here are a couple of other independent assessments – and another one here from the

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