We are looking to demonstrate and create a body of cooking that covers all the major alkaline bases with ideas for everyday foods. obviously there are different degrees. In a medical sense and at the  clinic for therapy we go further and avoid foods that we know many people have become sensitive to. So we use spelt flour instead of wheat (gluten intolerance), we avoid yeast products (histamine allergies) and even some everyday foods that are associated with modern ailments. Asparagus for example is linked to gout. In a medical context we want the body to have a chance to relax and restore.

But here at the canteen, outside of a strictly medical context, we actually want to draw our nutrition from as many different foods as possible. That means seasonal. The more variety the better.  To be strict meals should be 80:20 alkaline versus acid to redress an imbalance of many years. But in an everyday sense, we might be more relaxed and look at 70:30.


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