Broccoli with Puy lentils and faro

In summer I do this with just lentils and avocado. There is always the nervousness that the avocados might not actually be any good, but if they are then the vinaigrette dressing of lemon and oil compliments both ideally. But this variation is a bit more earthy for colder, sharper days and swaps the avocadoContinue reading “Broccoli with Puy lentils and faro”

Horseradish genius

HORSERADISH has an uncanny affinity to alkaline foods – beetroots, carrots, even sweet potato, certainly with curd or fresh goat’s cheese. The exception is of course what it is always paired with roast beef, but if you carve a rib as thinly as my father used to do, then maybe even that can have aContinue reading “Horseradish genius”

In praise of the potato…

The potato has been much maligned in recent years, fried and battered into chips, shaved into crisps, usurped by noodles and rice, its reputation as a beneficial food in the diet is under assault from all sides. A poll might even suggest that most people believe the potato is fattening. Well it is not, unlessContinue reading “In praise of the potato…”