What to do with celery…

THERE is always too much celery. It needs some attention. It is the needy child in the kitchen. You can serve it with cheese or as a base for canapés but that is a bit retro for me. Celery’s greatest virtue is as part of the base for any soup. It is a fast flavourContinue reading “What to do with celery…”

Fair game..broth with lentils, roots, kale and chestnuts

THERE are usually plentiful game birds – pheasant, partridge, pigeon etc – in the farmers market around now and typically they are cheap. I bought four partridge for £10 where four mince patties for burgers were £6. Of course you can roast the birds and use the carcass for the recipes below but you getContinue reading “Fair game..broth with lentils, roots, kale and chestnuts”

Fennel and apple soup

THIS was a soup they always used to serve at the original FX Mayr clinic in Dellach, Austria. It was used with a stale spelt roll to practice chewing – 30 times. It is quick and easy although better if you some vegetable stock. Mix it half and half with apple juice to poach theContinue reading “Fennel and apple soup”

Green gazpacho

THE green sauce of Frankfurt – essentially herbs with some gherkin – is well known, but finding it as a gazpacho was a surprise. Frankfurt is better known for its bratwurst and hunks of pork but also for its apple wine which if you subscribe to the benefits of cider vinegar is interesting. Potent. InContinue reading “Green gazpacho”

The spinach trick

SPINACH is a handy route if you are not feeling confident that your stock is really a soup. It is also really good for transforming a basic first day alkaline minestrone into something totally different the next. Popeye had a point. The health benefits of spinach are virtually too long to go through in detailContinue reading “The spinach trick”

Sweet soup

All the sugars here come from the vegetables which should be chopped small and neat to cook quickly. Simple sweet soup Bring a large pan of water to the boil… As the water comes to the boil prepare the vegetables and add in order Fennel – halved and diced…Onions, two small – skinned and sliced…Potato, oneContinue reading “Sweet soup”