What to do with celery…

THERE is always too much celery. It needs some attention. It is the needy child in the kitchen. You can serve it with cheese or as a base for canapés but that is a bit retro for me. Celery’s greatest virtue is as part of the base for any soup. It is a fast flavourContinue reading “What to do with celery…”

Kohlrabi slices with chives

KOHLRABI get their funny name from the German.  It is a cabbage (kohl) turnip (rabi). Seemingly no one in England or America could be bothered to give it a better name which is a bit remiss. But it is popular (Wiki says) in German speaking countries, also in India, especially Kashmir, although here its wildContinue reading “Kohlrabi slices with chives”

Broccoli with Puy lentils and faro

In summer I do this with just lentils and avocado. There is always the nervousness that the avocados might not actually be any good, but if they are then the vinaigrette dressing of lemon and oil compliments both ideally. But this variation is a bit more earthy for colder, sharper days and swaps the avocadoContinue reading “Broccoli with Puy lentils and faro”