Horseradish genius

HORSERADISH has an uncanny affinity to alkaline foods – beetroots, carrots, even sweet potato, certainly with curd or fresh goat’s cheese. The exception is of course what it is always paired with roast beef, but if you carve a rib as thinly as my father used to do, then maybe even that can have aContinue reading “Horseradish genius”

The laws of mashed potato

AS a rule of thumb potatoes for mash are usually not potatoes for steaming or boiling. You want something that collapses. You can treat new potatoes as if they were a mash but you end up with a compromise we call crashed, which is fine but it is not what most people think of asContinue reading “The laws of mashed potato”

Fontina with new potatoes and salad

THE Turin variation on fondue uses Fontina cheese heated up with milk, even cream and eggs and if you are lucky white truffles served with new potatoes and ham. None of which is especially alkalising, but an abstract variation is easier to prepare and if you strict about the 20:80 rule as far as theContinue reading “Fontina with new potatoes and salad”