What to do with celery…

THERE is always too much celery. It needs some attention. It is the needy child in the kitchen. You can serve it with cheese or as a base for canapés but that is a bit retro for me. Celery’s greatest virtue is as part of the base for any soup. It is a fast flavourContinue reading “What to do with celery…”

Curd or fresh goat’s cheese rolled in herbs, orange zest garnish

THIS always looks cute and is no work. I used a fresh goat’s cheese from the market but you can do it with curd too which is a little more neutral and lets the herbs take centre stage. I scissor up a bunch and just roll the cheese in it. I am not a fanContinue reading “Curd or fresh goat’s cheese rolled in herbs, orange zest garnish”

Green gazpacho

THE green sauce of Frankfurt – essentially herbs with some gherkin – is well known, but finding it as a gazpacho was a surprise. Frankfurt is better known for its bratwurst and hunks of pork but also for its apple wine which if you subscribe to the benefits of cider vinegar is interesting. Potent. InContinue reading “Green gazpacho”

Horseradish genius

HORSERADISH has an uncanny affinity to alkaline foods – beetroots, carrots, even sweet potato, certainly with curd or fresh goat’s cheese. The exception is of course what it is always paired with roast beef, but if you carve a rib as thinly as my father used to do, then maybe even that can have aContinue reading “Horseradish genius”