What to do with celery…

THERE is always too much celery. It needs some attention. It is the needy child in the kitchen. You can serve it with cheese or as a base for canap├ęs but that is a bit retro for me. Celery’s greatest virtue is as part of the base for any soup. It is a fast flavourContinue reading “What to do with celery…”

Sexy oat porridge recipes

It is strange that some of the best alkaline porridge recipes derive from the Caribbean. This one in the picture is a Tesco fruit super-topper. Porridge’s image as a subsistence food – which sustained huge tracts of northern Europe through the middle ages before the advent of bakeries and yeasted breads – was invariably fromContinue reading “Sexy oat porridge recipes”

Perfect porridge

Porridge is so easy that no one ever bothers to write down a recipe. Scottish mothers probably had different versions for each child – gloopy, smoothy, oaty, creamy, firm. There are many different declensions (depending on how much milk is used) before we get to the matter of topping with sliced banana or honey. InContinue reading “Perfect porridge”