Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb…

THIS time of the year, rhubarb is a boon bringing a fresh sourness to the kitchen and hit of vitamins…like the chicory  – see below –  it was developed in enforced darkness in sheds in an area of west Yorkshire around Wakefield known as the rhubarb triangle which now enjoys PDI status. After two yearsContinue reading “Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb…”

Plums, poached for breakfast

Poached plums are an easy breakfast and also an easy way to ensure that they have develop their alkalinity with a little teasing heat if they are not quite ripe which in this country (England) is not very often. Shame because a ripe plum is a marvellous thing. The trick is not to use tooContinue reading “Plums, poached for breakfast”

Curd or fresh goat’s cheese rolled in herbs, orange zest garnish

THIS always looks cute and is no work. I used a fresh goat’s cheese from the market but you can do it with curd too which is a little more neutral and lets the herbs take centre stage. I scissor up a bunch and just roll the cheese in it. I am not a fanContinue reading “Curd or fresh goat’s cheese rolled in herbs, orange zest garnish”

Papaya with red fruit salad

I splashed out at the Turkish grocery shop on some exotic fruits which are nearly always alkaline. It was a real luxury but worth it and good practise for carving skills. I sliced the papaya across as a base. The rest of the mix was watermelon, pomegranite and a squeezed out pink grapefruit, chilled overnightContinue reading “Papaya with red fruit salad”

R and R – raisins and rhubarb

RHUBARB is a blessing at his time of year, a welcome shot of colour, vitamins and roughage, even if it lacks the flavor of the summer crop but twice as welcome nevertheless. In fact it is outshone in this recipe where the raisins take over. These were from Afghanistan… Trim the dirty bottoms of theContinue reading “R and R – raisins and rhubarb”