The great new root vegetable riddle solved

I found this enormous and mysterious root vegetables in Leila’s iconic grocery shop on Calvert Avenue E2 where there was some confusion as to what it might be and wore an Italian name which now escapes all of us. A new vegetable! My Italian friends thought it might be a topinambour – jersualem artichoke –Continue reading “The great new root vegetable riddle solved”

What to do with celery…

THERE is always too much celery. It needs some attention. It is the needy child in the kitchen. You can serve it with cheese or as a base for canap√©s but that is a bit retro for me. Celery’s greatest virtue is as part of the base for any soup. It is a fast flavourContinue reading “What to do with celery…”

Roast celeriac

ROASTING celeriac pervades the whole kitchen with this wonderful smell…smart restaurants wrap it in clay or ashes but that is an adornment too far for my liking. Here I just roast about 30 minutes in a medium oven, then hack off the skin…and melt some…and serve it like thiswith a deconstructed remoulade with capers andContinue reading “Roast celeriac”

Fair game..broth with lentils, roots, kale and chestnuts

THERE are usually plentiful game birds – pheasant, partridge, pigeon etc – in the farmers market around now and typically they are cheap. I bought four partridge for ¬£10 where four mince patties for burgers were ¬£6. Of course you can roast the birds and use the carcass for the recipes below but you getContinue reading “Fair game..broth with lentils, roots, kale and chestnuts”

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb…

THIS time of the year, rhubarb is a boon bringing a fresh sourness to the kitchen and hit of vitamins‚Ķlike the chicory ¬†– see below – ¬†it was developed in enforced darkness in sheds in an area of west Yorkshire around Wakefield known as the rhubarb triangle which now enjoys PDI status. After two yearsContinue reading “Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb…”

Climate change v Diet change v Packaging change

A LOT of pompous, tub thumping goes down as far as climate change issues go. Climate does change. We contribute by living here. Protecting ourselves in so far as we can is an obvious, serious ambition. Diet change also attracts a similar band of uninformed nutritional illiterates, usually cheered on by anonymous vested industry fatContinue reading “Climate change v Diet change v Packaging change”