Plums, poached for breakfast

Poached plums are an easy breakfast and also an easy way to ensure that they have develop their alkalinity with a little teasing heat if they are not quite ripe which in this country (England) is not very often. Shame because a ripe plum is a marvellous thing. The trick is not to use tooContinue reading “Plums, poached for breakfast”

Fennel and apple soup

THIS was a soup they always used to serve at the original FX Mayr clinic in Dellach, Austria. It was used with a stale spelt roll to practice chewing – 30 times. It is quick and easy although better if you some vegetable stock. Mix it half and half with apple juice to poach theContinue reading “Fennel and apple soup”

Curd or fresh goat’s cheese rolled in herbs, orange zest garnish

THIS always looks cute and is no work. I used a fresh goat’s cheese from the market but you can do it with curd too which is a little more neutral and lets the herbs take centre stage. I scissor up a bunch and just roll the cheese in it. I am not a fanContinue reading “Curd or fresh goat’s cheese rolled in herbs, orange zest garnish”

Kohlrabi slices with chives

KOHLRABI get their funny name from the German. ┬áIt is a cabbage (kohl) turnip (rabi). Seemingly no one in England or America could be bothered to give it a better name which is a bit remiss. But it is popular (Wiki says) in German speaking countries, also in India, especially Kashmir, although here its wildContinue reading “Kohlrabi slices with chives”

Japanese hijiki salad

HIJIKI seaweed is rich in calcium, iron and magnesium. All seaweeds are alkaline. High consumption of sea vegetables is one reason put forward for the longevity of the people of Osaka. This is a classic Japanese starter, startling, easy to prepare and very rewarding and among other things notably good for the colon. Usually hijikiContinue reading “Japanese hijiki salad”

Summer pudding

THE trick with summer puddings is having just enough liqor to stain the bread and not so much that it sogs. Most recipes demand that you make a syrup with sugar – if you have too try agave instead – but if the fruit is ripe it can be sweet enough all right. Cooking forContinue reading “Summer pudding”