Green gazpacho


THE green sauce of Frankfurt – essentially herbs with some gherkin – is well known, but finding it as a gazpacho was a surprise. Frankfurt is better known for its bratwurst and hunks of pork but also for its apple wine which if you subscribe to the benefits of cider vinegar is interesting. Potent.

In fact I had two variations on this theme this summer, one with an avocado and this one with simply herbs and lettuce…all very alkaline. As a soup it is easier to digest than as a smoothie and it looks the part. You could add any other green vegetables you might have like lettuce or broccoli. This is the basic construct. Depending on the weather, serve it chilled or warm.

1 litre of vegetable tea

1 salad potato

1 leek

1 big bunch mixed herbs – flat leaf parsley, coriander

1 tbs double cream

spring onions to garnish

1. Wash and dice the leek and potato

2. Take the stalks off the herbs (keeping the rubber band on) and add them to the vegetables

2. Cover with the stock and simmer 15 minutes until the potato is cooked

3. Lift out the herb stalks. Add in the green leaves and the cream. Liquidise

4. Dice the spring onions as garnish

5. Serve chilled

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