The spinach trick


SPINACH is a handy route if you are not feeling confident that your stock is really a soup. It is also really good for transforming a basic first day alkaline minestrone into something totally different the next. Popeye had a point.

The health benefits of spinach are virtually too long to go through in detail here – calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin A are all prominent. Long cooking will deplete its benefits but the trick here is just to blanch the leaves for less than a minute.

If you have no faith at all in the base stock you made, then add some other virtuous green vegetable like broccoli to cook through. But the chances are this trick will turn around any weak brew sufficiently to make it delicious.

Bring a pan of stock with whole vegetables – onion, carrot, brocolli, potato, celery, whatever is in your mix. See Green Soup below.  If you feel it is too weak, pour some off into a second pan and keep a higher percentage of vegetables. As it reaches the simmer throw in a packet of spinach leaves. Just let them change texture in the steam. Take off the heat. Liquidise.

You can serve it with a spoon of yoghurt which looks good too. Disaster turned into success in two minutes 🙂

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