Rules for fruit salad

In abstract a fine fruit salad can be built around three ingredients –  melon, a citrus and an exotic fruit any of which are freely available thanks to the global trade and always seem like a fantastical luxury.

Any permutation really works and can evolve into serial recipes. This might as easily be honeydew, kiwi and lime. Or Ogen, satsuma and pineapple.

There are two forms of papaya – small about the size of a mango and large which are nearly as big as a melon. Pomela would also make a lovely fragrance. The bigger fruit keep even after they are cut open.

It is best chilled for half an hour. And carved small and elegantly. The juice is also great on its own.

Watermelon, papaya and grapefruit

Get a big knife and carve out a quarter of the watemelon. Trim the top, flip out the black seeds. Carve one deep slice and then quarter and throw in a bowl. Using a spoon scrape the base of the melon to get the juices. Carve the papaya horizontally and spoon out the caviar like seeds and then trim off the skin and chop into small bits. You need the juice from the grapefruit and not the pith, so peel and cut each segment in half and squeeze out the fruit and juice. Mix well, fridge 30 minutes or even overnight.

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