Broccoli with Puy lentils and faro

lentils with brocolli

In summer I do this with just lentils and avocado. There is always the nervousness that the avocados might not actually be any good, but if they are then the vinaigrette dressing of lemon and oil compliments both ideally. But this variation is a bit more earthy for colder, sharper days and swaps the avocado for broccoli.

There is a subtle contrast between the florets and the grains. If you are being economical (or just sensible) you hold back the stalks to use for vegetable tea.

If you have stock then so much the better but it is not essential.   Use the stalks from the parsley to add some extra fragrance.

Cover the base of you pan with Puy lentils, pour over boiling water and simmer. After 10 minutes add half as much faro (this was a quick cook faro but some take longer, check the packet). Keep  an eye out that hey don’t soak up all the liquid, both can be quite greedy. They need about 20 minutes, but they need to keep their shape and not go to a soft mush. This is not a dahl, but a salad. Other kinds of lentils like red will tend to mush.

In a separate pan bring more water to boil. Trim the broccoli heads and cut in half or quarters depending how big they are and simmer five minutes. Drain the water into the lentils and faro mix. You can do all this ahead of time because it is really a dish to serve tepid…

It needs a bright dressing of half lemon, parsley, olive oil and a teaspoon of Dijon mustard – spoon it over the lentils and broccoli per serving…garlic too if you like.

Lentils are sometimes listed as alkaline and sometimes not but either way the emphasis here is on the broccoli and the other characters are just support players…

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