Making a grand salad


Salads are an easy way to control the alkalinity in the diet. You can see what you are doing as you go. The English used to make grand salads composed with five, six, seven even more ingredients. The trick is to get a good contrast of shapes and textures…this makes a great lunch

1. Start with a big bowl and the dressing which you can mix up all the other ingredients at the end. Mustard and lemon are not essential but add an edge and have benefits. Add olive oil – 3 parts to 1 – and if you want a nut oil like almond or walnut or seed like pumpkin. Garlic is alkaline so a crushed clove or two is beneficial.

2. Lettuce is always alkaline and can run through a different mix of interesting textures.

3. Waxy salad potatoes are a stalwart. French beans would be good too.

4. Beans are controversial in terms of acid/alkalinity in that they are also an extra protein but in the total mix here the percentages are all right.

5. For contrast sweet corn.

6. For protein here I used some tinned tuna. Or you could use an egg.

7. And two kinds of tomato – one ripe and fresh (must be ripe) and some sundried tomato scissored in.

8. And then we can top off with more health giving boosters in terms of herbs – parsley, chives, thyme –  the more the better.

9. And finish with some nuts – almonds are best – and seeds like pumpkin or sunflower

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