R and R – raisins and rhubarb

RIMG0218RHUBARB is a blessing at his time of year, a welcome shot of colour, vitamins and roughage, even if it lacks the flavor of the summer crop but twice as welcome nevertheless. In fact it is outshone in this recipe where the raisins take over. These were from Afghanistan…

Trim the dirty bottoms of the rhubarb – you can keep the flowers at the top – and strip out any woody skin that comes away, chop in to short lengths. Cover the base of the pan and cover with water – the juice is very drinkable – and a spoon of sugar (it can be quite sour, I used brown cane here). Add in a few dried raisins for contrast. They will plump up in the juices. Bring it to a simmer and watch for the moment the stalks burst – about four or five minutes. Take off the heat. Chill. It should be cold.

Greek yoghurt goes well, but it does not need it.


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