Baked celeriac

celeriac2CELERIAC bakes really well, without fuss, and the smell fills the kitchen with a homely, snug fug.

celeriacovenDifferent celeriac seem to take longer than others, but as with a baked potato the test is slipping a knife in or in fact as it cooks the flesh seperates from the skin which becomes craggy.

An hour plus. Then you can just hack into it.celeriac3

It works best as fingers but if you go too far then it can mash.celeriac plate

If you let it cool then it can work like a remoulade with an mayonnaise – egg yolk is alkaline, lemon is alkalising, virgin olive oil is alkaline…mustard is not alkaline but the overall percentage is fractional. Here I worked in some diced herbs too – chives and flat leaf parsley.

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