Braised chicory

RIMG0192CHICORY is alkaline. Not major but sufficiently so. It also transforms magically in cooking. This recipe uses butter but as that is about all the calories we are using, then it is hardly a fuss. 10g of butter = 70 calories. You can use water, wine or cider even.

Take a small pan that is wide enough to fit the chicory split lengthwise. Add 10g butter and melt. Split the chicory lengthwise in half and lay on the butter. Add the water, just enough to half cover. Cover and simmer 20 minutes. Take off the lid and cook down the juices a bit more so there is just a couple of tablespoons to spoon on the chicory.

The flavour is quite dramatic. It can work well with white, grilled meats or on toast or boiled new potatoes which cook in the same time.

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