Fontina with new potatoes and salad

THE Turin variation on fondue uses Fontina cheese heated up with milk, even cream and eggs and if you are lucky white truffles served with new potatoes and ham. None of which is especially alkalising, but an abstract variation is easier to prepare and if you strict about the 20:80 rule as far as the cheese v potatoes and salad goes then it is a balanced result. fontinaFONTINA is a bit overlooked as a cheese, made in the summer from cattle grazing in the Val d’Aosta, it can be wasted being murdered in the heat of a fondue when it is smooth, nutty and delicate eaten cold as it is. Just because it does melt, does not necessarily mean it has to be melted.

Boil the new potatoes. Take the cheese out of the fridge so it is room temperature. You don’t have to be as ambitious as this salad – a few green leaves and olive oil and lemon dressing will be fine but working with what you might have in the fridge ¬†– web’s, dice up a little chicory, fennel, radish add in some seeds perhaps fennel or caraway and some raisins or pomegranate, Make a dressing of virgin olive oil and lemon. Mix well and serve with the warm potatoes dressed with chives and a slice of Fontina.

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