Potato varieties

potato varietalAs we are taking the potato pretty seriously, it is worth taking a moment out to consider different varieties. New will always be best when they are freshly dug, hence the reputation of the Jersey Royal which used to be delivered to London for the Queen’s birthday on April 23 but just as good can be a Maris dug up in mid july. It is logical to conclude that the fresher the potato the more nutrients they will contain which they will lose in storage through the winter. If you had space to grow just one vegetable, then the potato would be the obvious choice.

As we are chiefly interested in potatoes that bake and steam, the Jersey is supreme in the first part of the summer.

Then comes the yellow fleshed Wilja and Estima both boil well. The red skinned Desiree and Romano are dependable, although some people say they do not mash neatly. The commonly found main crop Maris Piper are worth their place, King Edwards though tend to collapse with boiling (fine for mash), but bake well. Yukon gold are a kitchen favourite.

All the salad potatoes will be good plain steamed – pink fir, charlotte, ratte, and go well alone, hot or cold, sauced or not.

Sweet potatoes are of course not potatoes, but they are highly alkaline.

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